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"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools."

– Plato


Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Think the World Has Gone Nuts!

I’ve tried to avoid anything controversial on this blog, but, I swear, the world is being run by morons and children. I read an article today about camels that upset me, so I’m going to let off some steam before I settle down.

I’ll stick to just one topic, but this is grist for your “common sense” mill. This blog is longer than normal, so you’re free to quit at any time. Here goes…

The average IQ in the U. S. is said to have dropped from 100 to 92, which is apparent to anyone who is awake. And that means that half the population is lower than 92. Sometimes I think the lower half works for the government.

I’ll briefly list some crazy things that come to mind on global warming. You can research this stuff on your own.

Let’s take one example of stupidity - man-made “global warming.” The term has now been changed to “climate change.” This change in buzz words may have been influenced by the fact that our illustrious scientists have discovered that the planet has actually cooled by 0.7 degrees over the past 100 years. The word, “change” provides more latitude for the “consensus-builders” and the media.

It seems that science changes as much as global climate.

Global climate has been changing since time began. Man-caused global warming or “climate change” is the biggest scam perpetrated on the world. But it transfers wealth, which is the purpose. Cap and Trade is a means to this end.

According to Australian scientists, back in 1991 Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines spewed more CO2 into the atmosphere than the entire human race has produced since our appearance on earth. That’s only one eruption, albeit a large one. And there are more than 200 active volcanoes at work right now.

But not all Australian scientists are on the same page. One Australian Legislator thinks he has found the solution to global warming. His proposal would require the killing of all the camels that roam the outback. Evidently there are a lot of them in Australia and it seems that camels burp a lot. So let’s shoot camels. That’ll save the planet.

That one got me. Who are these people?

Scientists say that methane gas is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, but they lament the fact that methane doesn’t get as much attention…unless you’re in an elevator.

Argentina has been concerned for quite some time that their cattle production is a serious problem. (Cows have four stomachs and produce a lot of methane gas.) The cattle business is the primary industry in Argentina, but scientists have concluded that the methane gas they produce contributes to 30% of the air pollution over the country, so ranchers are trying to change the diet of their bovine buddies to clover, alfalfa, or something less explosive. I’m sure they have also outlawed smoking to avoid blowing Argentina off the map.

On the other hand, Chinese scientists say that cows are good for the environment. By grazing on grasslands, cows actually reduce nitrous oxide, which is another greenhouse gas. Nitrous oxide is known as “laughing gas,” used by happy dentists. In fact, laughing cows are keeping Chinese farmers awake at night.

The list of insanity goes on and on. Here are a few more things to think about:

Sheryl Crow has been promoting the idea that we should only use one or two squares of toilet paper to save a tree and we should use our sleeves instead of napkins when eating. She probably hasn’t had a date since her disclosure.

Here’s another brilliant idea. Let’s burn corn for fuel. So now food prices rise and Mexicans are unable to afford corn tortillas. They should be eating more leafy green vegetables anyway. It takes more energy to produce ethanol that what it saves and it simply contributes a different set of pollutants to the environment.

But what irritates me the most is that valuable rain forests are being clear cut, because the natives think there is money in corn. Problem is, the soil can’t support corn and tropical rains are washing away valuable top soil. There goes an irreplaceable source for medicine, much of which originates in those rapidly depleting forests. We are destroying a beautiful machine of nature for cleansing the air through photosynthesis.

Which brings me to carbon dioxide. Don’t these brilliant people understand that plants live on carbon dioxide? Without CO2 there would be no life on earth.

Cars that run on batteries create another set of problems, including safe disposal of the batteries and the rapid depletion of irreplaceable elements required to build the batteries.

The incandescent bulb is scheduled to be outlawed over a few years. Once incandescent bulbs vanish, Americans will have to purchase either compact fluorescent bulbs — known as CFLs — halogens, or light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

All three cost significantly more than incandescent bulbs and they must be disposed of at special recycling centers because they contain dangerous levels of mercury. They pose a significant danger to people and pets if broken in the home.

Another factor to consider: Incandescent bulbs are made in the United States, while almost all CFLs are made in China. Another example of outsourcing.

The “stupid list” goes on and on, but here’s the problem:

Science is not objective. It is and has always been driven by philosophy. When there is “consensus” among scientists, we consider that to be absolute truth.

Some among us believe that there is “consensus” among scientists that man causes global warming, so the lemmings turn off the barbeque, ride a bike and raid the drug store for Beano on their way off the cliff. By the way, the lemming suicide thing is also a myth begun by Walt Disney in the 1958 movie, Wild Wilderness. Lemmings don’t commit suicide. Only human beings do. Another example of “consensus” and myth.

Prior to Galileo, the philosophers, religious leaders and “scientists” held the geocentric view that the earth was the center of the universe. There was general “consensus” on that belief. The myth was accepted. And, of course, this viewpoint had its origin in philosophy, as I indicated above.

Galileo’s writings on the notion that the sun was actually the center of our solar system resulted in his being tried by the Inquisition and placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life. So much for consensus. So much for truth.

We are fed so much B. S. that I may get into other topics in future articles.

My  outburst on this blog was precipitated by the article on Australia and the pending legislation that requires the total elimination of the entire wild camel population. That infuriates me. The leaders in Australia are evidently no smarter than ours.

Ahhhh...I feel better. Writing is a catharsis.


  1. Let's not shoot camels but why not the camel jockeys ?

  2. But remember Ralph, idiocy is catching so even when one idiot relents many more take their place. Boy, I hope you have a good quality (and quantity) of gin ready when I visit the 29th and 30th of August. Boy will we solve problems.

  3. Malcolm - There's no question that the world will change for the better when we get together in August over gin and tonic.

  4. Chuck - I think in Australia, they ride kangaroos.

  5. Ouch. That's gotta be a rough ride.