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Ralph Higgins
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"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools."

– Plato


Monday, December 17, 2012

Gayle and I want to wish every reader a wonderful Christmas season. 

            For those who prefer, “holiday” to “Christmas,” remember that the word “holiday” has its origin in “Holy Day.”  But keep that under your hat and don’t let it get out into the public domain or we’ll be saying, “Happy Snow Season.”  Up here in the snowy mountains, where shoveling a driveway is our winter recreation, that may not be a happy greeting.

            I’m going to take a respite from my blog for awhile, but you can always go into the archives and scroll through my past posts.  You may find something interesting to read.

            Believe it or not, “unhinged” has weekly readers all across the U.S. and scattered in places like Canada, England, Denmark, Germany, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Spain. These are regulars.

            There are also occasional readers in countries like Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Alaska, France, and other far-away lands.  I’m sure many of these “sometimes” readers hit the site by accident.  I’ve also had several unusual visitors, including the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., a year or two ago.  But that just adds to the fun.

            I know that many of you are personal friends going back to our school days, but many are folks I’ve never met in person.  Thanks to all of you for reading my sometimes nonsensical ramblings.  I hope you’ll keep in touch through the blog, which I’ll keep online for anyone interested, or through my website at www.ralphhiggins.com, or by email higgins@digitalpath.net.

            I’ll be back unless the Mayan calendar is true, which is about as likely as the 12th Imam bursting out of his gopher hole riding a goat. But if it is true, just think - we can forget about shoveling snow, last-minute shopping, filing 2012 tax returns, and watching the country self-destruct.  It’s always good to look on the positive side. 

            And it’s also good to realize that the answer to the old song by Peggy Lee, “Is that all there is?” is “No.”  This is not all there is.  Sorry Peggy.

            Ever wonder why so many wealthy entertainers and athletes, who seem to have everything money can buy, get lost in drugs, alcohol, and go nuts or commit suicide?  Obviously, something is missing in their lives.

            Maybe the brilliant French physicist and philosopher, Pascal, had it right in the quote I featured at the top of this post.  It’s a quote worthy of serious contemplation – especially at Christmas.


Gayle and I want to wish all of you a great Christmas!

"Macho" snow dog Dakota

Girl Cat dressed for the season


  1. DANG! and WHAT THE HEY?
    I know it is probably difficult to come up with new subject matter to elaborate and embelish on but us your loyal readers are willing to provide plenty of suggestions. I hope this is temporary and as soon as you get bored and your beautiful wife Gayle rags on you enough you will begin sharing again. I wish you and Gayle a wonderful Christmas. I love you both.
    Jim Loar

    1. Jim - I don't have much of a problem coming up with stuff, but I thought some readers may be getting bored. And it was time for a break anyway. I'm sure I'll get bored too, especially if we're snowed in, and maybe begin to emote on whatever pops into my mind. That's basically what I do anyway.

      But you had an interesting idea. One that I've considered regarding people contributing stories, etc. Let's talk about that.

      Thanks and love from Gayle and me.

  2. Ralph, Christmas is no time for "joking"!!!! Tell us you are the Jim Harbaugh of posting and like, Jim, nothing you say can be believed!

    Truth is, I believe you but not a word of what Harbaugh says!

    I have enjoyed, and hope to be reading your musings soon!

    1. Thanks, Ed.
      Speaking of Harbaugh, that game last night was unbelievable. I couldn't get to sleep until sometime after 2 AM. It took crossword puzzles, some adult beverages, and a pill to final calm down.

  3. I don't always comment, but I look forward to and read all your blogs. You and Gayle have a Very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. And, I will be waiting with bated (baited?)breath for your next blog.

    Bob Rosenthal

    1. Bob - Very few leave comments, but I knew you were out there. Thanks for reading my stuff.

  4. WHAT? Your going to take a respite for a while. What kind of talk is that? What are us bored people to do without your thoughts.

    You've somewhat grown on us with your blog. I know not everyone responds, but the enjoyment of your writings is still there for all to absorb. Your writings are especially interesting because of your wide range of knowledgeable subjects.

    And besides, how are we going to know you aren't buried by the snow.


    1. Hi Sharon -
      To be honest, I thought I was getting boring with my posts. Maybe if I do get buried in snow, I'll have nothing to do, but write again.
      I hope Christmas is great for you. You're a long-time friend and I'm glad you're bored and that you read the blog.

  5. We are in Maine for Christmas with our son & his family. This will be followed by open heart surgery for him on January 9th.

    One of his good friends is the sports director for the largest TV station in Maine. It might be the equal of the smallest station in Quincy! No, a good station. Lee Goldberg, the sports director gave him 2 tickets on the 20 yard line about 20 rows up for the Patriots game. My son was really upset with Harbaugh for going into a prevent defense in the 3rd quarter. Look what happened!

    I am not one who thinks Harbaugh is a genius. His handling of the quarterback change was absolutely rotten. I have no qualms with him making a change. But to stand up and say Alex Smith is his starting quarterback, knowing full well that Alex would not throw another pass for the "niners" was absolutely a blind shot at Smith. He di9d not have the decency to stand up and say he was making a quarterback switch and announce it like a man!

    Personally, I have liked Smith during his tenure here in SF. I will follow whatever team he is with next year and root for them over the 49rs.

    I look forward to a quick return of your blog. It gives me a good look at your spiritual side,which I have really enjoyed.

    Merry, Merry & Happy, Happy!

  6. Someday I will learn to hit the right keys or at least proof read prior to posting!

    1. Ed-The second half of that 49er game was a mess. No question. Last night's game with the Jets was even worse. I think coaching in both cases was responsible, as you said re: the Niners. For example, you don't toss a new quarterback in the game when your starter has finally established a rhythm, as Ryan did last night. "Tuesday morning quarterbacking."

  7. Ralphie, I can still hear your Mom calling you. She was the best! She always acted shocked with the words that came out of your mouth (like any proper lady would) but it was all an act. It didn't matter what you said, your Mom always giggled. You were her reason for getting up in the morning! Remember the time she had her lady friends over for Tea? You and I arrived at your parents home on Marchmont, it was a very hot summer day. You picked me up and put me on your shoulders and suddenly your front door swung open and all the ladies appeared on the front porch. You were unaware that your Mom had houseguests. You got so flustered and I was totally embarrassed that we suddenly crashed to the ground..