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Ralph Higgins
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"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools."

– Plato


Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Evaporation of the Second Amendment

   Once upon a time giants walked American soil.  These were real men.  Brave, honorable, God-fearing, intellectually brilliant, and willing to stake their lives and fortunes on their experiment in freedom.  These were men with names like Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and others.  With the courage of Washington and the intellect of Jefferson, they risked it all for freedom.  Rumor has it that they actually shot guns.  Makes one wonder how this country ever get to the place where it is run by menopausal women, lactating men, and morons.  

      Take the “honorable” Congressman who recently expressed his concern to a Navy Admiral that the weight of military hardware on Guam may cause the island to tip over.  The guy was serious! I saw the hearing on TV. The only people dumber than this Congressman are the voters who elected him.  And that’s obviously not an isolated case.

      I think it was another brilliant intellect, Barbara Boxer who, when asked to describe an assault weapon, said something like, “They’re those big, black, ugly guns, with clippies, and thingies.”  Maybe not her exact words.  So what is an assault weapon?  How about a knife, a fist, a stick, or, worse yet, a woman scorned? 

      And those dreaded “semi automatic” weapons.  Horrible things.  Ugly.  Scary like spiders. Some even have those demonic clips that can kill you more than once.  Then there is the insightful Joycelyn Elders, our former Surgeon General, suggesting that we need “safer bullets.”  Where do they find these people?  Where is Thomas Jefferson when we need him?

      But what is a “semi automatic?”  Diane Feinstein hates them, but carries one.  You may have one and not even know it.  Is a revolver a “semi automatic weapon?” 

      Well, let’s be different than our leaders and actually think.  Automatic means that if you hold the trigger down, the gun continues to fire rapidly.  Semi automatic means that every time you pull the trigger the gun fires once. By definition, a double action revolver is a semi automatic weapon.  Someone should explain this stuff to our maternal leaders.

      During WWII the Japanese planned to attack our mainland via the west coast, but backed off because of the fact that our citizens were too well armed.  I’ve been to Switzerland and once rode my motorcycle through the Alps.  I saw men and women with guns strapped on their backs.  Switzerland has no problem with gun crime.  Any wonder?

      I’ve also been to South American countries and communist countries.  The only guns you see in a dictatorship come with a uniform.  The invisible guns belong to the criminals. Someone said, “An armed man is a citizen.  An unarmed man is a subject.” 

      Chicago Mayor and former ballet dancer in a tutu, Rahm Emanuel runs a city with one of the highest crime rates and the toughest gun laws in the nation, yet he joins with our enlightened leaders who believe that disarming the law abiding will stop the non-law abiding from non-law abiding.  Say what?

      Our founding fathers established the Second Amendment to protect the citizen from the tyranny of government.  It had nothing to do with skeet shooting, “plinking” at tin cans, or hunting.  When you sniff the political air in this country, do you detect an ominous scent?

      What was the first thing Hitler did and what dictators always do when it comes to guns in the hands of citizens they want to control?  They disarm the citizens.  The operative word here is “control.”  In America it has to be done incrementally, which is what we are seeing. 

      I think the victims of gun phobia, who don’t believe in protecting their families, should post signs on their lawn saying, “This house is a gun-free home.  Free group hugs inside.”  Of course, when these people have a problem, they’ll scream for their neighbor who has a gun, because it would take the cops 30 minutes to arrive, if they show up at all. 

      I prefer an elderly lady, armed to her false teeth, phoning the police to say, “I just shot an intruder.  He’s fallen and he can’t get up.”


  1. Very well said Ralph.

  2. I'm a post menopausal woman and probable moron, too, but I agree with everything you said. I'm also a gun owner.
    Carlotta W.

    1. Carlotta -
      Since I know you and that combined with the fact that you agree with me proves you are not a moron. I live with a "post menopausal woman." I'm more concerned with "lactating men." Bring back John Wayne.

  3. What is the definition of a moron?

    What is the definition of lactating?

    Can you be a "pre-meno"?

    Where is John Wayne when you need him?

    Did you know John Wayne did not like to ride a horse?

    Am I "pre-lactating"?

    1. I remember that John Wayne didn't like horses.

      "lactating" is producing milk. I was referring to men who act more like women.

      I'll get in trouble if I define "moron."

      I don't know if you are "pre-lactating." Have your periods been regular?

  4. The good news is that almost nothing related to gun control will pass the senate. The only bill coul be background checks that most of us are for including my fellow NRA members.

    1. Those who have conceal carry licenses have already been thoroughly vetted by sheriff departments, as well as the FBI.

  5. I had a carry permit in NH years ago.

  6. Love your “I just shot an intruder. He’s fallen and he can’t get up.”

  7. I remember years ago one of the first jobs I had was delivering money to the bank two to three times a day. When I had passed the lie detector test, they informed me I had the right to carry a pistol to protect myself. I was also advised to check the back seat before entering the car, and take a different route each time.

    So now do we invite those robbers along for the ride?

    1. It's not a bad idea for women to take a course and get a CCW license ...if your county allows it. My wife has a license. So do I.

  8. I believe you're allowed to offer your unwanted passenger a lead colonoscopy