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"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools."

– Plato


Friday, August 23, 2013

Gender Surrender

       My last blog introduced “anachronistic displacement” as a psychological condition where a person feels uncomfortable in the world he or she inhabits, feeling that they belong in a different time period.  I try to avoid controversial social and political issues, but, due to the fact that I suffer from this displacement affliction, I can’t always keep my mouth shut or my computer keyboard quiet.

            California has the well deserved reputation of being the “land of the fruits and nuts.”  Many sane people are fleeing the state, but many of us have roots too deeply planted with family and friends to join those who have managed to escape the asylum. Most of my readers are outside of California or outside of the U.S.  They must laugh at the California side-show.  For you “non-Californian” readers, here’s a keyhole peek at the latest news from the mental institution called “California.”

            Our illustrious “re-Governor,” Jerry Brown, aka “Governor Moonbeam,” recently signed a bill into law that will allow school children, who are confused over their sexual identity, to use the bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities of whichever sex they identify with at the time.  Birth gender doesn’t count.  Physical appendages don’t matter.  It’s how a kid perceives himself or herself.  This law has been described by opponents as “gender insanity,” but it fits comfortably in our national psychosis.

             I’ve always wondered if Governor Brown wasn’t a little confused over where he fit on the “male scale.”

            AB1266 applies to grades K through 12 and passed both the California Senate and Assembly by wide margins.  It goes into effect January first.  The fact that so many legislators voted for this is very discouraging, but it proves that the inmates really do run the asylum.  As usual, parents are not a consideration with these people.  After all, the government is the parent.

            The term “transgender” has to do with self-identity, not necessarily a physical change in sex.  If a boy feels that he is a girl trapped in a boy’s body, he can now use the girl’s bathroom or join the girls in their shower room.  The same works for a girl, who may think she’s really a boy when she first discovers hair under her arms. 

            The way I understand it, boys cannot be forbidden to join the girl’s volleyball team and girls can join the boy’s wrestling team. Picture that. All of this is to make sure that a “transgender” kid - if there is one - is not made uncomfortable or “bullied.”  Does that make sense to you?  Wouldn’t that increase bullying?

            I was a high school teacher for several years back in the ‘70s.  It doesn’t take much for me to extrapolate to 21st century schools and how unisex bathrooms will be utilized by teenagers with raging hormones.          

            The loons who run California don’t seem to care that the vast majority of young girls will feel “uncomfortable” when boys use their bathroom or change clothes with them in the girl’s locker room.  Most teenage boys would feel the same way, although there may be exceptions.  Look for miraculous conversions of teenage boys to transgender status when the girl’s soccer team hits the showers or when it’s “open season” in the bathrooms.

            When you thought things couldn’t get more insane in our country, California continues its march as the vanguard of our national degeneration, foisted on us by societal deconstructionists.

           I have a solution.  I think politicians should be required to pass an IQ test to qualify for public office.  In addition, political candidates should be evaluated by a qualified and unbiased psychiatrist to weed out the mentally ill.  Sadly, California is the petri dish for social experimentation by intellectually and morally vacuous politicians.

          Law should not trump common sense and logic. The insanity of confusing kids as early as kindergarten by blurring the gender lines is over the top – even for California.  Parents and grandparents have good reasons to be concerned with this latest law. 


  1. AMEN my buddy. I hate to admit it but I think I would have claimed transgender for a few months in the 8th grade.
    Jim Loar

    1. You are not alone. Most 8th grade boys would have at least given it some thought, but we weren't provided the excuse of transgender confusion back then. In fact, boys were boys and girls were girls. It was simple. And rational.

    2. I wish we had this attitude when I was in high school. I would tell the staff that I was gender confused and would spend all day in the girls locker room and shower every hour. It's a teen age boy's dream.

    3. I think the shower room would be packed with boys leaving no room for the girls, and no hot water left.

  2. How timely that the great Golden State should join with our latest army trial in setting the stage for us all to accept the fact that the convicted army "guy" now wants to be a "She". To bad it wasn't in CA so your legislature could immediately pay for his conversion. That would ensure I wouldn't have to pay for it.
    It's also unbelievable to me the serious response on the Internet where folks are going ballistic over people like me who are so horribly cruel and unfeeling in not embracing (Pun intended) his need to be a she.
    I don't know Ralph, I guess I'm just the unfeeling out of date guy my wife is convinced I am.

    1. I'm with you, Malcolm. For the price of a butcher knife the problem could be solved, saving tax payer money. (Don't let my wife read this.)

  3. Where we live there is quite the variety in opinion, and I believe that everyone has the right to express their's and have it carefully considered by others before they make their own. That being said, I disagree. The situation is uncomfortable for anyone experiencing gender identity issues, as well as those surrounding them. This law is meant to help all of us be more accepting of others and help them accept themselves, not to sexualize the situation and condemn them for the traumatic feelings they are experiencing. Most of the children and adults going through this crisis are experiencing feelings much deeper rooted that sexual orientation. And I would assume that for a school to allow this law to be enforced for a student, there would be an extensive psychological examination to be sure that it was not a claim for sexual benefit.

    Like I said, thats just my opinion.


  4. "but we weren't provided the excuse of transgender confusion back then."

    I agree with your statement I copied above.

    What has our world come to? Since when does a 3, 4, 5 year old etc, start telling their parents what sex their going to be, what their going to do, and when.

    Children, whatever age classifies, do not have the brain maturity or mentality to make a decision as to their sex.

    Like maybe a little girl sees a super boy hero cartoon, and decides she wants to be a boy. Or a boy sees the way a fairy princ3ess gets so much attention, and wants to be a girl. And the parents say, OK, you are a boy or a girl now. DUH

    Then these children age (I was going to say grow up) and find by putting on a rally, sit-in, walk whatever, they put the pressure on government officials.

    And government officials "Aim To Please" in order to get elected, and the "squeaky wheel gets oiled".

    I'm sorry, but I'm a true Believer that God knows what he is doing when making the sex of babies. And GOD DOESN'T MAKE MISTAKES. CHILDREN AND PEOPLE DO!

    1. The post-modern elimination of absolutes has even extended into something as irrefutable as sexual identity.

  5. Good Reply Ralph

  6. Ralphie,boy! Who would run Sacramento if the current crop had to pass an IQ test?????

    I think we should have 3 restrooms! Men's, Women's & all the rest!

    I totally agree that God did not, and does not, make mistakes. Humans do, and did, when it came to this ruling.

  7. I'm just glad we were teenagers of the 50's and didn't have government interference to confuse us as to who we were. Too bad kids can't enjoy the days we had as teenagers.