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Ralph Higgins
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"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools."

– Plato


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


            I admit – I said I was done writing.  In all honesty, it wasn’t a lie.  And it certainly wasn’t a ploy to get attention or support.  I thought my posts might be starting to get boring, so I decided to hang it up. 

            But I was amazed and genuinely surprised at the number of emails I got just after I posted what was meant to be my last post.  Evidently, I was wrong.  If readers were bored, the response was the opposite.  So I promised many that I would submit an article now and then as a compromise to hitting you over the head every week. 

            Actually writing an article is not a “full time job.” It takes very little time. I once wrote a weekly newspaper column and many times I would forget that I had an article due the next morning.  I’d come up with something off the top of my head, edit it down to 700 words, and submit the final draft for publication.

            The point is that writing an article takes very little time for me and I enjoy it.  I actually have a normal life that is not affected by jotting down some thoughts. I will say that writing for pay was less fun than writing for fun, if that makes any sense.  I don’t have an editor making sure my articles are politically correct, although my wife tries to keep me on the straight and narrow.

            Part of the satisfaction of a blog is checking the world map of readers and knowing that readership in Europe has increased, for example, and people I don’t know are reading the blog in many foreign countries.  But the fact that so many of my friends enjoy my ramblings is even more rewarding to me.

            So I will get back in the game, if only on a “now and then” basis.  Thanks to those who wrote encouragement for me to continue or disappointment in my attempt to bail out. As I said, I was serious about closing shop.  It wasn’t a trick. If you enjoy my posts, know that I enjoy writing them even more.  And many thanks to those who contacted me.

            As Arnold famously said, “I’ll be back.”  


  1. That's more like it and I'm looking forward to your next blog.
    Jim Loar

  2. Well Ralph some of the best blogs I have seen are more pictures than words. Can't tell you how many sunrise or sunset pictures I have seen from across the US and Canada on blogs,not to mention storm clouds. Siince I am an arm chair traveler (hard to go anywhere with this many critters) I enjoy pictures of other people's adventures. Loved your pictures of Dakota in the snow. So go out there for a hike and take the camera along in your pocket.


    1. If I run into a bear while hiking, I'll be running too fast to snap a photo.

  3. Replies
    1. I guess I learned not to make promises I can't keep. When will you be back in our neck of the woods?

    2. Looks like it will be next year in late summer. Wish it were sooner but not enuf time.

  4. Welcome back (but you were hardly gone)!

    Oh that it would be so easy to rid us of all politicians!

    I bet you have some great photos you could do blogs about.

    Blessings, buddy!

    1. Ed - It sounds like you wanted me "gone" longer...
      You're the second note requesting photos. I'll see what I can do. Seriously, thanks for the welcome.

  5. Welcome back Ralph.

  6. Sharon Stone has left a new comment on your post "Break Time":

    I like the decision you have made. And I believe you. I believe we were all given a gift, and just one of yours is an intelligent mind, and a gift for writing.

    You make writing sound easy. I've taken a couple writing classes, and had to write papers on statistics, description, persuasive, informative etc. And it was a challenge, not only in the writing, but the tenses (past tense, present tense) and so on. It would be nice if I could write the way I speak, or NOT. tee hee

    But writing is painting a picture for someone. And in that area, you are a great artist. I don't believe anyone is ever confused as to what your topic is about, and the point you are trying to convey.

    To me Ralph, you have a Gift. A Gift to write. And that is probably why it seems so easy for you.

    Thank you for keeping us in mind when you made this new post. We do enjoy YOUR WRITINGS..

    1. Sharon - I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I wish I had the confidence in expressing my thoughts as you describe. I wish I had taken a writing course, but I think reading a lot has helped me, although I would be lost without "spell check."