Ralph Higgins

Ralph Higgins
color pencil sketch by Gayle Higgins

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– Plato


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gayle's art

      I've received many emails complimenting Gayle's pencil sketch of me, so I've decided to brag a little on my wife's artistic talent. Since my personal talent as an artist never got past the stick-figure level, I'm always impressed by Gayle's talent and ability to capture the "personality" of the subjects in her paintings or sketches, giving them life.

          I'm posting a "mini" art gallery of a few of her creations.  Most are pencil sketches, but some are water colors or gouache, which is an opaque type of water colors. Some of the horses depicted and the two Australian Shepherds were ours.  The first portrait is our Thoroughbred, Tanny, with Gayle jumping, which was her "thing." Gayle is sometimes commissioned for her art work on a variety of subjects.

The end of a Chisholm Trail cattle drive.




Granddaughter Emily after she rode the pinto depicted above.

Glen Dennee



  1. Wow, what talent.
    Thank you again.

    1. Yep. She does have talent. It amazes me, because I can't draw for jack.

  2. Gayle, beautiful work! I am going to "steal" a couple for photo "Hall of Fame"!

  3. Gayle,
    Happy Birthday!!! Watch out for the guy outside the window!