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Ralph Higgins
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"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools."

– Plato


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free Corn?

Wanna know how to catch wild pigs?  Here’s how it’s done.

First, you toss corn in an open area every day until the wild pigs learn where to find it.  If you don’t scare them off, they will come back as long as you provide the corn.

Next, you put one side of a fence close to the corn.  At first the pigs may be apprehensive, but they quickly accept the fence and come back for the corn.

Next, you connect another side at right angles to the first piece of fence.  When the pigs accept that, you continue with the other two sides.  Then you add a gate.

Once the pigs all come in for the free corn, which doesn’t require all the work of finding and foraging, you slam the gate shut.  Now you have bacon for all your friends.

That’s how you catch a pig.     

How many people will take the time to look objectively and honestly at what we are witnessing in our country and in Europe today?  We can witness the process and we can see what happens when countries run out of corn.    

It doesn’t require a crystal ball or the gift of prescience to predict our future, if things don’t change.  Too many people enjoy the free corn and don’t seem to mind the fence.  They’re comfortable, secure, distracted and oblivious to what is happening outside the fence.  As long as there is food on the shelves and football on Sunday, who cares?

John Adams said, “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.”

America was founded on a concept of freedom and liberty, but freedom requires responsibility and the price of liberty, according to Andrew Jackson, is eternal vigilance.

Those who prefer freedom and the risks and challenges that come with it seem to be outnumbered by those who are happy with free corn. Unfortunately, we are all in the same cage.  And the corn is running out.


  1. Well, as we've discussed so often, a lot depends on how you view the world. As far as the pig/corn analogy, we may be ok for some time -- at least until pigs learn how to make fences.

  2. Rog-

    Unfortunately, they have been building the fences themselves for decades. Fence builders are contracted through the ballet box. Freedom is just too scary for some people.

  3. But that wasn't your analogy :)

  4. You're right, Rog. I guess I was just taking it to another level.

  5. Ralph, unlike you and Roger I was not around to talk with John Adams. So there is little I can add to this blog. Most would say that anything I say is little and I cannot argue with them!

    All of your shopping stories were very familiar to me. My wife, though, actually "lets" me go shopping for food and I don't do too bad. I like Trader Joes because most of the checkout clerks are young beauties who take pity on "old" guys!

  6. Ed -

    Yes. Old Roger and I had to split up our time between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson the day they both died. They were adversaries of sorts, but had great respect for each other. They died within hours of each other. Of course we were young back then, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Regarding the pretty girls...You have to play on that "pity" thing. You're old enough that sympathy is about all you can expect.

  7. If you play your cards right, and if your wife is not with you, it really works out pretty well! Generally, a hug or two is always forthcoming!

  8. Ed - You said your "wife lets you go shopping" and now you say you always get a "hug or two" from the attractive cashiers. Does Darlene ever wonder why you go shopping every day? Or does she ask, "What are we going to do with all those stale loaves of bread in the garage?"

  9. @Ed - Don't tell Ralph that stale bread can be used up quickly to catch wild pigs too!

  10. Ralph, Malcom told me not to tell you that the old stale bread can be used to catch wild pigs.

    So, you did not hear this from me!

  11. Hey...wait a minute...Now I'm confused. I thought Ed was the guy with the garage full of bread...?

  12. Northern Comment
    Your pig story reminded me of another animal story. Possibly my story could be used to fix the pig problem.
    Here goes. Gov and Leader being the Elephant of cours. How do you catch the Elephant. As I recall, you dig a huge hole and fill the hole with ashes .The you drop peas around the entire hole and when the Elephant comes to take a pea you kick him in the ash hole. Dig this large enough for the House and Senate.
    North of 49

  13. So evidently Alaska is the only state north of you. Hummmmm. It's a rather crude analogy and the symbolism would be better if it were a donkey, but I agree with your perception of Congress.