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Ralph Higgins
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“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Higher "Education?"

I wrote a blog some time ago where I talked about how our country seems to be run by children. I thought I’d follow up on why I think this is so.

We live in a Peter Pan world, where kids never have to grow up. We allow a man or woman of 26 to be covered on their parents insurance as “children.” Our young people are educated by college professors who came out of the childish hippy rebellions of the ‘60s. Remember those euphoric days of flower children, drugs and free “love,” which is simply a handy euphemism for free sex. How many college kids could resist jumping on that one…or two…or three…or more. The University campus has become “Neverland” for students and many professors. . . a land where you never have to grow up.

Having moved directly from college students with flowers in their hair to college professors and having gained enough book knowledge to obtain the required credentials, professors are assured a safe and tenured haven of refuge inside the halls of academia. These are the people assigned to teach our children.

Wisdom comes when idealism butts up against reality, resulting in a re-alignment of precepts. Age and real life experience are critical ingredients for wisdom. Unfortunately many professors are devoid of wisdom and “teach” from a position of arrested maturity. They recruit our children into the world of make-believe without having set foot in the adult world of business and enterprise, but these are the “experts” who “educate” our kids.

One look at the academic level of U. S. students provides confirmation that very little “educating” is going on, despite the piles of money we dump into education. But our pathetic educational system is grist for another mill. And I say that as a former teacher.

Sadly, the average I. Q. in the United States has dropped from 100 down to 92, according to experts. Anyone with common sense can arrive at several reasons why this is so.

Most graduates come out of college with almost identical social and political profiles. College is a cookie cutter and it’s possible to ask one or two questions of a college graduate and you can fill in the rest of the blanks without bothering to ask any more. They all think alike.

Professors in more academic subjects, such as engineering, pre-med, etc., are actually educating, but there are more than enough electives or socially oriented subjects to mold pliable minds into the party line.

Is it any wonder that so many of our leaders, especially in this current administration, have never experienced life in the grown-up world? The current administration has the fewest members who have had any business experience outside of government and these numbers are fewer by a significant margin. These are academics who may have theoretical ideas and book knowledge, but little experience in the real world. Consequently we find ourselves in a mess economically and socially and can now take pride in being the laughing stock of the world.


  1. Thanks Ralph! Very timely. I think the rather naive forecast result from finally having achieved a breach birth debt ceiling agreement was that, it would all be OK now and we had some more time to play at governing and getting a committee to show us how to solve the deficit.
    But there was at least someone who said, "Wait a minute didn't we just have a committee that told us how to solve the deficit, and both obama and the congress of clowns (note no capitals deserved here) decided to ignore the recommendations?" Yes and that someone was the Bond rating agency's who, by having to act where our supposed leaders failed, have now surely put us in a second recession (not their fault of course). We are now nothing more, than as you said, a laughing stock.
    And a sad final result will most assuredly be that with great gnashing of teeth and grunting we, the electorate will be too stupid to throw the bums out. We'll, just like always, either reelect them or not go to the polls in disgust and give the country away again!
    Guess that shows just how completely disgusted I am with our leadership Ralph. There was not one of them that deserves the least bit of respect. And as you said our future is tied to a bunch of children who are either educated in the classroom or by CNN's 'headline news', which spends all it's time showing us about how much fun we can all have by going on and on about inane court cases and scandals which pander to a childish need to feel better than the other children.
    Oh boy better stop here Ralph. Again thanks, and like we used to say on CompuServe and other bulletin boards, "Flame Off"!

  2. Great comment, Malcolm. Obviously, I agree with you. I wish you had kept going. I was getting into it and cheering you on!