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Saturday, December 31, 2016

"Happy New Year" - Finally

"Happy New year" may have new meaning to many Americans this time around.  I didn't plan to start writing again, but the disrespect shown for  our new president and the intense hate and hysteria on the left is so ridiculous that I had to blurt out my reaction to it all.  The "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and the pathological detestation for our new president is unprecedented.  

            Stated differently, democrats are going nuts.  They've tried everything from "The Russians ate my homework" to attempts to turn the delegates against the will of the voters at the convention. Nothing has worked.  Now they plan to resist the new president, de-legitimize his presidency, and destroy everything he attempts to do until they can get him out of office. 

            Our man-child president is creating as many obstacles in the next president's path as possible to make Trump's new job more difficult. Obama's latest is the betrayal of our closest ally, Israel, at the United Nations this past week. This will be difficult for Trump to untangle.  Obama and his people are like petulant and disappointed children who didn't get a pony for Christmas.  Obviously the task of prying freedom from liberal fascism is going to be like prying an abalone from a rock.

            The right is always accused of intolerance, but who is really intolerant?  

            Has anyone ever seen conservatives rioting in the streets and threatening to kill those who disagree with them?  Has anyone ever seen tea party conservatives burning businesses, destroying police cars, and beating liberals with protest signs that  say "Support Tolerance or I'll Kill You?"  Have those on the right ever demonstrated the degree of hate and vitriol that we are seeing on the left?  

            American family members have become adversaries and friendships have terminated due to the ideological  chasm that separates them. There were empty chairs at dinner tables all over America this Thanksgiving.

            Even the media has come out of the shadows and tossed off any pretense of objectivity to push the liberal ideology. The media was always on the left, but now in their desperation they don't care who knows it.

            College kids, sometimes known as "snow flakes," are given safe zones where they can cry, vent their terror with primal screams, and hug each other over the pain of losing the chance for a woman president and their fear of a man in the White House or because everyone else is crying.  They'll hug your leg if you get too close to them.  Cornell University even held a "cry in."  Remember - This is the group the polls call "educated" that vote democrat.
            Coloring books, modeling clay, and hot chocolate are provided to the college kids and grief counselors are available for consolation. Contrast these wimps with other kids their age who are in the military fighting for their country, many coming home in body bags.  
            Even liberal adults are in shock, disbelief and hysteria.  They're crying and hugging too.  Hollywood entertainers are pleading for help.  Some are threatening to leave America.  Money has poured in to pay for their trip.  After living in a dark intellectual vacuum for so long, their eyes can't adjust to the light. 
            Now the good news.  Our leaders are currently being chosen based on their qualifications, maturity, and experience rather than on the basis of race and gender. Alpha males are finally taking the reins and it's terrifying to those on the left.  In a feminized culture it is apparently a shock when "daddy" comes home.  

            It's time to realize that there are no "safe zones" left in the world.  Unisex bathrooms and transgender rights are actually less important than dealing with Islamic beheadings and threats from China.  Sadly only half of the country understands this.

            America's new father figure is someone who has been exceptionally successful; someone who  surrounds himself with experts and knows how to lead, how to delegate, and how to build.  Quite a difference from a community organizer who never held a job.

            I once had a home in Scotts Valley in the hills close to Santa Cruz.  Several years ago we had a devastating fire that worked its way up to the summit.  There were sad stories about ranchers opening their barn doors to allow their horses to escape the flames.  Unfortunately the horses were so comfortable in their confinement and afraid of freedom that they returned to the barns where they felt secure and died when the fire took down  the barn.

            My advice to the hysterical  left is to study the issues and our new president's positions on those issues and compare them to Hillary's positions, if you can nail one or two down, and decide intelligently why you want to stay in the barn.


  1. Welcome back, Ralph! You have been missed!!! Roger as well!!!!

    In my opinion you just hit a grand slam!!!!

  2. I couldn't have written it any better, or agreed with you more. Good to see you writing again. Happy New Year to you and Gayle.

    1. Good to see you back Ralph. I agree with you completely.

  3. Glad you are blogging again. Also glad that the Country has hope again. The Left does not give up easy like the Right does, but I think Trump will handle anything they throw at him he is our only hope.

  4. hi ralph very very good you should keep up the writing…i love the line “Support Tolerance or I’ll Kill You”, isn’t that the damnedest oxymoron ever?


  6. I sent your blog to about 20 friends, carefully picked. No snowflakes!

  7. I'll make this short and to-the-point... your blog hit the nail on the head and then some. I too am stupefied by the left's reaction. It proves how sickeningly apart we and they are. I am very worried about the prospects for the future of the Trump administration due to the predominance of the liberal crazies.

    I salute you--my friend--for stating it all so clearly.
    PS: Can I pass this on to my like-minded friends?

  8. Well said Ralph. Regardless of whether Trump becomes a great President our Country will move in a much better direction going forward.

  9. Thanks Ralph for starting up again. I so agree with you on this and have forwarded it on to several people. Keep it up!

  10. Thanks for the post Blog, and I don’t feel for the DEMO crats stupor as they wanted to take our country
    away from us. Trump will have a jolly time “Draining the Swamp Of Them” !!!

  11. I agree 100% with your friend. I remember you sending something from him previously. Good stuff.

  12. to the libs "you can't handle the truth." Get over it. A no polish dude will Clean House and you will be thankfull. The GOP and DNC are losing their power and are in a rebellious mood. A new guy with guts will ride into the sunset and leave his silver bullet behind. Northern perspective